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Discussions > Member Specific > New Members > Introducing Gidget, an amazing dorkie from Richmond, VA

Introducing Gidget, an amazing dorkie from Richmond, VA

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Hi, my name is Tammie. I am the owner of an amazing little girl dorkie named Gidget. She is two years old. She was the only puppy of her mom, Missy, a yorkie and her dachshund dad. Missy's owners didn't know Missy was pregnant until Gidget started to come In a panic, her first mommy rushed Missy to the vet where Gidget was born, beautiful and healthy. I've had her almost 5 months now, and I can't imagine being without her. I found her on Craigslist after the death of my 14yr old Cairn. I had not planned on ever having another furbaby. I think Gidget was sent to me to realign my priorities, now she's at the top of that list.

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Welcome to Designer Mixes. Tammie and Gidget I hope to hear lots of stories and things about both of you. It is truly amazing how much a dog teaches us about ourselves and loving life.

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