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Discussions > Training > Behavior > Bullkita, Need advice, even non bullkita owners.

Bullkita, Need advice, even non bullkita owners.

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Hi im heather, im a first time bullkita owner, i have had a bulldog before and a bordeaux, but this breed is extremely new.. i got him when he was 6weeks old pick of the litter, and wow i now know the cutest dont stay the cutest! He terrorises my house, i cant leave things on the kitchen worktop because its gone in 2seconds, anything that fits in his mouth he eats, he barks alot, and seems to think being naughty is fun. but as soon as hes outside hes brilliant, stays by you off the lead runs off then runs back, hes great so i can only assume hes attention seeking because hes not outside, i love him to bits and yes he is driving me mad at the moment as i have 2 kids so until he calms down he has to stay in the kitchen until theyre in bed.. my question is, how did you train a whirlwind dog? how old were they? and will getting him neutered actually make a difference?? Any advice would be amazing!! thanks all you mix owners, its nice to see a bunch of people who dont breed a dog till they have problems! :)

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Hi Heather, I have a very high energy dog but it was a challenge when she was a puppy. We have had her since 7 weeks old. I did lots of reading about dog training, we went to puppy school and lots of consistency, patience and positive reinforcement. Just like teaching children. So how are things going?

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