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Discussions > Breed Specific > Chilier > A NOTE FOR STANLEY "CHILIERS" OWNER.


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Hi, I'm the owner of Sky, the other Chilier on this website. How are you? How's Stanley? I can't believe your dog only weighes 7lbs, mine weighs almost 5lbs and she's only 13weeks old! How much did he weigh when he was my dogs age? I just thought you should know that I googled Chilier the other day and there's a woman on a website passing off Stanley as her own, saying that he's a puppy for sale. I asked her to send me some more pictures and she sent all the ones that you have on your other webpage. He email address is, just incase you're interested.. I would be pretty annoyed if that was my dog!! Anyway, take care.. hope to speak to you soon. x

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