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New Labralound (or whatever you want to call a Newf-Lab mix)

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We put down our precious Zolton last week (a 12+ year old rescue, newf-lab that had an amazing life with us) and I am desperately looking for a newf-lab mix puppy. I found this site but not a lot of information on this site….like you can see the newf-lab photos of different members but no way to contact anyone that I know of. I'm not sure how to use this site to dialogue with other newf-lab owners to find out where they found there dogs, if they know of others available, etc. Also wondering about health predispositions. My dog was RIDDLED with cancer and we took excellent care of him even buying him food I would send away for. 
I am devastated and looking for a new puppy to get my mind off of Zolton.
Thanks in advance,
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Melissa cancer in dogs is a terrible thing. I sure hope that they find out why it is happening so often. I know so many people who have had their hearts broken because of cancer in their dogs. Thinking of you and.

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