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Discussions > Training > Behavior > Extreame mix breed issues, need help!!

Extreame mix breed issues, need help!!

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ok, if youve read my intro on the newbies discussion then you already saw some things about Milo. if not i'll repeat them. he is manipulative, barks consistantly over attention (that goes along with manipulative), possesive (people and food), anoying, never listens, nearly killed nana cause he drags everyone when we pody him, begs, chases and chews on cats, repeatedly goes to the bathroom inside if we dont give him what he wants and leave him alone for less than an hour (one time he pulled that stunt right infront of me and my nana), im sure you get the rest. i have never had such a hard time diciplining and training a dog before up until he came to us. (he was lost, found his owners, owners took him home some hours away, next morning he was at our backporch). any advices??@import url(;

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Wow, you sure have your hands full. Maybe it is a good time to go to dog obedience. There are times when even the most knowledgeable dog owner does not have the answers and needs professional help. Remember patience and consistency is what it is going to take. My sister took in a rescue dog and it to 2 years before the dog a German Shepard figured it out. Once he began to trust the teaching became much easier.

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