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Discussions > Breed Specific > Schweenie > had a beautiful 1st generation schweenie boy 3 years old and he was hit but a motorcycle

had a beautiful 1st generation schweenie boy 3 years old and he was hit but a motorcycle

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The worst day I've had in a long time and the vet wouldn't do anything. His put little lungs were punchered. anyways I have a beautiful blue Shih tzu and the male dachshund is a rare blue to. So I wanna know all the complications that can arise and ways I can help Protect this pretty little girl. I'm planning on reading some first generation schweenie's then have them checked for flaws and intelligence and other things. that way when I decide to bred them they'll help build the breed up not being them down. And the ones I breed them with I'll have to have checked to. My goal is to have akc and other organizations look at them as pure breed dogs. There just wonderful and loving and smart. My little guy loved to play very smart. Only dog I new that would entertain himself. He'd drop the ball down the stairs and chase it. Our stiff it in my shoe and then sit there barking at me cause he wanted me to get it out and though it. He always figured out how to get me to play. people please keep your dogs on a leash or inside a fence. I let him out to get I'm the truck. We live on a one way rode and my dad was putting watery in the radiator. Hunter went to dad the bike came down the road right as he ran out from in front of the truck. So any help our information about bring Shih tzu's and any info in things to look out for please let me know .

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Oh how terrible. My heart goes out to you and your dog. Did you post any picture of your little guy so we can see what he looked like. Take care of yourself.
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I'm going to soon I just have been having problems posting pictures.thank you so much he was amaZing
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I got his bio up now and his picture I'm not sure if it'll does it yet but I'm miss his crazy antics. I got his sister K Mika from a friend who had to move she's a big baby lovable didn't have the same craziness hunter did but just as smart she finds all sorts of ways to entertain herself with me at my work she has thus little stuffed animal she Carries with her doesn't chew it up but she'll toss it around and play with it until she toes out then come sit with me and when we walk around the yard and buildings to check everything out she's right there buy my side never going very far but she always has to check things out its like she knows what were doing and had to check every nook and cranny to make sure everythings good. And then when sort my boss shows up she barks up a storm until I tell her he's ok. She's a good girl I think all Schweenies are that's why I'm gonna be breeding some more

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