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New member looking for a Schnorgi puppy!

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Hello everyone! I just joined today, glad I found this forum, so many different breed mixes! My husband and I just got married recently, we would like to have a new puppy to join our family. I'm a big miniature schnauzer fun, and he's a big corgi fan, so inevitably we came to the conclusion of having a Schnorgi! I saw a lot of cute Shnorgi pictures posted here. Anyone has any breeder information? Highly appreciate it!
Thank you!

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Welcome to Designer Mixes. This is not a really busy site but there are some great people here with lots of knowledge. I hope you find what you are looking for. I have an American Eskimo Spaniel he name is Khia. Check her out, she is an amazing agility dog. We compete all over the place.

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