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Discussions > Breed Specific > Mastador > Howling and whining in a Mastador

Howling and whining in a Mastador

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Our Mastador is about 15months old. She, Wilma, just out of the blue starts to talking...well deep howl or whine. She is the most loving, sweet dog. She never barks, unless that pesty squirrel is outside on the deck. Even then it's more like a snarrel, than a bark. She is a loving dog, always is happy to do what you do, when you want to do it. The last couple of days are worring me. She just starts howling and deep whine when we returned home. She is an inside dog when we leave. She can roam free in the house when we are gone. We have four boys, so she gets lots of attention when we are home. I am just not sure if she is just finding her voice now that she is an older pup. Or if I should be worried? She isn't sore anywhere, her poop is fine, she eats a holistic crunchies along with raw dinner. Any one have the same issues with their Mastador?
Stephanie and Wilma

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I am not sure about your specific dog but lots of dogs make all kinds of different sounds and bark very rarely. If your dog is fine and showing no problems just get to know her and how she is going to communicate to you. My dog has a huge range of sounds and noises she makes and they all mean something different and I have learn what she is trying to tell me when she uses her different sounds.

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