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Hi there!

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Hi everyone!
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Linda and im 23 and live in The Netherlands.
I registered here mainly to see other mixed breeds and i'd also like you opinion on the mix of breed of the dog that I hope to adopt soon.

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Welcome aboard Linda. I hope you find what you looking for, this can be a slow site at time. I have received allot of help and support here from some of the members.
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hi there! i just joined as well, today the 10th of july.2012.  I am the proud owner of a mixed breed, the boxweiler. his name is scoobydoo. if you are going to own this breed of dog, you need medium to high energy, and must be firm and consistent and take the time to train and exercise or else he will become a chewing machine racing to and fro. he is dominant so you have to be leader or he will feel he needs to protect you and that spells trouble!
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scoobydoo that is some great information. So often when people adopt mixed breeds they just do not know what to expect.
Exercise and training are number 1 and 2 the hugs and cuddling part is number 3.
By the way welcome to the designer mixes web site.

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