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New Morkie Mommy (added to the farm... lol)

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My name is Stacie.  I just got my first designer mix puppy today.  She is a Morkie named Ruby.  We also have a Chihuahua, a Golden/Duck Tolling Retriever Mix named Comet (yes, after Full House), a black cat named Luna, and a corn snake named Nagini (Thumbs up for the Harry Potter snake... lol)
We are obviously animal lovers and take pride in our ownership.
I was given Ruby today by a friend who felt she couldn't give her the love and attention she needs.  She is a little timid but doing well in her new home.  Our Chihuahua isn't too happy with me right now, but will adapt.
I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello!
I am a very happy, fun loving, and caring person and would like to get to know other owners of pretty much any breed or type of animal.
Thanks for having me!

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Welcome Stacie and Ruby. Check me out my name is Khia!

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