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Discussions > General Topics > Q & A > Looking for tips and tricks with my new Morkie!

Looking for tips and tricks with my new Morkie!

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I just picked up my 7 month old Morkie puppy who was given to me by a friend today.  She was struggling with house training and didn't feel she had enough time to give her the proper attention.  Ruby seems to be very curious, loving, and a bit shy.  She seems to be adapting well to our home.  I don't think they had steps in their home because she is always waiting for her new mommy to carry her up and down.  She hasn't barked at all yet.  She loves to be held and cuddle.  She and I are getting along very well.
What I have questions about are the traits of the breed, any house training tips, and such.
I would also like to get to know other Morkie mommies and daddies.  She seems like she is going to be a great fit in our family.  We do have other dogs (one of which is mad at me) a chihuahua, a golden retriever mix, a cat, and a corn snake.  The chihuahua is the one who is not very happy with me right now.  She ran in the living room and won't come even close to me.  She will get over it and I bet by the end of the night, be sleeping in my bed again.  What I am surprised about is that usually she is slightly territorial and a bit aggressive at times, but she is fine with Ruby.  Probably because of the size.  She is a momma's girl and I know jealousy will come and go but she always gets over it.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Welcome to Designer Mixes. With all the pets you have in your home I do not really think you need any tips on being a pet parents and house training. Each designer dog can be very different there are no breed standards. You could check out each of the breeds in your dogs mix and get some type of an idea of what they maybe like. Enjoy and love your new family member.

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