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Hello everybody!

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Hello everybody. I'm a new member in this great community.
I got a Jack-Chi named Gigi. She is five months already! I posted her photos on the Jack-Chi album, and I am so happy she is part now of a special group.
I think this site is so special. Usually, mixed-breed dogs are banned or discrimated. Some people wear "dog brands" and they buy an "expensive" dog just to prove they're wealthy enough to spend tons of money. They ban "cheap dogs" and show an intolerant attitude towards mixed-breed dogs. Even worst, some of them abandon their dogs just because they are "so passé"!! That's so cruel. There are no words to describe such animal cruelty.
Dogs are dogs, no matter what, and they all need love. So, cheers for this site! Let's show people mixed-breed dogs are super special!

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I don't know what happened but my username wasn't displayed on my message. My username is Binboy! :)

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