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Discussions > Training > Behavior > Chiweenie With Social Issues. Please Help!

Chiweenie With Social Issues. Please Help!

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I'm having a few problems with my chiweenie puppy. Even though she came from a home with many other dogs, she doesn't seem to tolerate our adult male pit bull too much. Astro is playful & I understand that he is a lot to handle for such a small puppy but she has been getting overly aggressive. She will latch on to his face & bite him for no reason. She has actually gone for his eyes a few times. I've had to pull her off of his eye lids. She is also very shy around people other than myself & will back away from them and hide or run away. Zoey is very loving with me but her social skills lack majorly. Those are the only problems I've had with her since I picked her up on October, 26th but they could turn into something serious and I really don't want that. Please help if you can!

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