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Sunny Day Puppies!

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Hi. I just want to introduce myself - new here & from Ohio. I want to show you all my little critters on my website "". I am been having so much fun starting my new little crew of breeding these tiny hybrid designer dogs & have been taking pictures of them doing the things we love to do. -playing around here on the ranch. We live on a big horse & cattle ranch with allot of country - the little dogs LOVE it but the cows certainly look at the little critters with wonder - reckon they hadn't seen anything that small trying to chase them around before! Anyway, we have lots of fun & have lots of cute pictures on my web site! Come & take a look? [:o)]

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HI there, welcome to Designer Mixes. I have a Jackapoo named Teddy. I hope to soon breed my first litter of Jackapoos.

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