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Discussions > Member Specific > New Members > Anyone else have a Chilier?

Anyone else have a Chilier?

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I would be interested in anyone who has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Chihuahua. I have a 5 month old, Lily. Would love to know how big she might get (my guess is not very!) and how other Chiliers look like. thanks nikki[:)]

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Hi, my name is Dawn and I have a eight week old "Chipoo" and I also wish I knew how big he will get. I didnt know what a Chilier was till I read your post, so I am afraid I cant be of much help, but good luck to you! Enjoy your baby, I certainly am! Scrats Mom, Dawn
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Hi there Nikki, I have a Chilier, take a look on her bio. I think she's quite big for a Chilier, weighing 10lbs but she's a perfect size for us and absolutely adorable? It's pretty impossible to tell how big your dog will grow, but Sky stopped getting taller at 6 months and just kinda got a bit chunkier from then on. How much does she weigh now? I haven't clicked on your profile yet, but if there are no pictures on there do you think you could send a few to me at if you have any. I'm always curious to see other Chiliers! Take Care, Annika

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