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Poll Questions

Results from our previous Dog Polls. Missed a Poll? Vote Now! Submit your own question.

Where do you get your dogs medications? 4/1/2012
What kind of dog dish do you use? 3/15/2012
Do you let your dog have some of the table scraps? 3/1/2012
What kind of safey device do you use in the car when travelling with your dog? 2/15/2012
What do you use to protect your dog's feet from the winter salt? 2/1/2012
Can dogs have allergies? 1/15/2012
Who does your dog grooming? 1/1/2012
Do you feed homemade food to your dog? 12/16/2011
Do you have pet health insurance? 12/15/2011
Do you plan on giving your dog a gift for Christmas? 11/25/2011
Did you dress your dog up for Halloween? 11/2/2011
Does your dog bark a lot? 10/5/2011
Does your dog have allergies? 8/8/2011
Is your dog afraid of fireworks? 7/1/2011
Do you use sunscreen on your dog? 6/19/2011
Did you and your dog have a cook out for Memorial Day? 5/30/2011
Has your dog ever competed in a Dog Sport? 5/4/2011
Do you like the new look to our site? 4/8/2011
Are you and your dog ready for spring? 2/24/2011
Does your dog like water? 2/1/2011
Does your dog like snow? 1/15/2011
Do you dress your dog? 12/7/2010
Do you dress your dog? 12/7/2010
Is your dog allowed to sleep in the bed? 11/3/2010
Do you remove dewclaws? 9/30/2010
Do you have a doggy door? 9/9/2010
Do you give your dog supplements? 8/20/2010
Has your dog ever been swimming? 6/28/2010
Is your dog on Flea/Tick Preventative? 5/31/2010
How often do you give your dog's heartworm preventative? 5/17/2010
What type of training has your had? 5/3/2010
Who hears 'I Love You' more? 4/12/2010
Have you and your dog ever been skijoring? 3/29/2010
Does your dog have Spring Fever? 3/29/2010
Has your dog ever had a dental cleaning? 3/15/2010
Has your dog ever needed surgery? 3/1/2010
Did you and your dog watch the Puppy Bowl? 2/8/2010
Does your dog require grooming? 2/1/2010
Do you brush your dog's teeth? 1/18/2010
Do you and your doggie have a New Year's resolution? 1/4/2010
How are you and your dog celebrating Christmas? 12/21/2009
Does your dog like to snuggle? 12/7/2009
Did your dog get a Thanksgiving day dinner? 11/30/2009
How many times a year do you bathe your dog? 11/16/2009
Did your dog wear a costume for Halloween? 11/2/2009
Does your dog like to give kisses? 10/19/2009
Is your dog good with children? 9/28/2009
What type of food do you feed your dog? 9/7/2009
Does you dog bark when people walk by the house? 8/30/2009
Do you celebrate your dog's Birthday? 8/24/2009
Has your dog ever trained in agility? 8/17/2009
Does your dog like to swim? 8/3/2009
Has your dog ever been in a play group? 7/27/2009
Does your dog know how to heel? 7/13/2009
Are you planning on getting a(nother) dog? 7/6/2009
Is your dog afraid of Fireworks? 6/29/2009
Does your dog suffer from stress? 6/22/2009
Does your dog have any allergies? 6/15/2009
Have you ever taken your dog hiking? 6/8/2009
Have you ever volunteered at a shelter? 6/1/2009
How many meals a day does your dog eat? 5/25/2009
Has your dog ever been swimming? 5/18/2009
Does your dog like to take stuff out of the laundry? 5/11/2009
Where does your dog stay when you are away? 5/4/2009
Does your dog sleep in bed with you? 4/27/2009
Where does your dog spend most of its time? 4/20/2009
Did your doggie get a basket for Easter? 4/13/2009
Did your dog go to 'Puppy Class'? 4/6/2009
Does your dog get along well with other Dogs? 3/30/2009
Are you and your dog looking forward to warm weather? 3/23/2009
Is your dog a lap dog? 3/16/2009
How many times a day do you feed your dog? 3/9/2009
How much does your dog weigh? 3/2/2009
Does your dog like to play fetch? 2/23/2009
Has your dog ever done agility training? 2/16/2009
How many times have you traveled with your dog? 2/9/2009
Did you and your dog watch the 'Puppy Bowl'? 2/2/2009
What is your dog's favorite command? 1/26/2009
What do you do to keep your dog warm during the cold weather? 1/12/2009
Will your dog get presents for the Holidays? 12/22/2008
How do you exercise your dog in the winter months? 12/15/2008
Do you like our new Forum Look? 12/8/2008
Does your dog like to play in the snow? 12/1/2008
Is your dog accompanying you for Thanksgiving Dinner? 11/24/2008
How many toys does your dog have? 11/17/2008
Did your dog go to puppy class? 11/10/2008
Did you take your dog Trick-Or-Treating? 11/3/2008
Where do your dogs get their exercise? 10/27/2008
Do all your dogs get along? 10/20/2008
Does your dog like to dig in the yard? 10/13/2008
Is your dog part of a meetup group? 9/28/2008
What is your favorite feature on our site? 9/22/2008
Did you adopt your dog from a shelter? 9/15/2008
Does your dog like to look out the windows? 9/1/2008
Where do you keep your dog when you are gone? 8/25/2008
How many times a week does your dog ride in the car? 8/18/2008
Do you own other pets besides your dog? 8/11/2008
During what season is you Dog's Birthday? 8/4/2008
How often do you bathe your dog? 7/28/2008
Are you and your Dog watching the 'Great American Dog'? 7/21/2008
Do you have pet insurance for your dog? 7/14/2008
Did your Dog accompany you to the 4th of July Festivities? 7/7/2008
What is your Dog's worst habit? 6/30/2008
Have you ever taken your dog to the Dog Park? 6/23/2008
What type of food do you feed your dog? 6/16/2008
Does your dog tip its head when you talk to it? 6/9/2008
Does your Dog walk nicely on a leash? 6/2/2008
Do you take your dog on summer vacation with the family? 5/26/2008
Do you buckle your dog in when you take them in the car? 5/19/2008
Does you dog like to watch TV? 5/12/2008
How often do you brush your dog? 5/5/2008
What does your dog do when s/he meets another dog? 4/28/2008
Does your dog like to ride in the car? 4/21/2008
What kind of collar does your dog wear? 4/14/2008
Have you ever taken your dog on vacation? 4/7/2008
How many days a week do you walk your dog? 3/31/2008
What would you like to see more of on our site? 3/24/2008
Does your dog like to sleep in the sun? 3/17/2008
What is your favorite activity to do with your Dog? 3/10/2008
How many hours a day does your Designer Mix sleep? 3/3/2008
Does your Poodle Mix like to chew? 2/25/2008
Who grooms your Poodle Mix? 2/18/2008
Do you brush your Poodle Mix's teeth? 2/11/2008
Does your Poodle Mix snore? 2/4/2008
Where did you get your Poodle Mix? 1/28/2008
Does your Poodle Mix like cold weather? 1/21/2008
Do you own dogs other than a Poodle Mix? 1/14/2008
Does your Poodle Mix like to cuddle? 1/7/2008
Does your Poodle Mix like to play in the snow? 12/31/2007
Do you spoil your Poodle Mix? 12/24/2007
How many toys did you buy your Poodle Mix for Christmas? 12/17/2007
Has your Dog ever had surgery? 12/10/2007
Does your Dog think they are bigger than they really are? 12/3/2007
What is your Dog's favorite activity? 11/26/2007
Does your Dog like to play fetch? 11/19/2007
Does your Dog like to walk on their hind legs? 11/12/2007
Where does your Designer Dog sleep? 11/5/2007
How long did it take you to housebreak your Designer Dog? 10/29/2007
Do you dress up your Poodle Mix for Halloween? 10/22/2007
Why did you choose to get a Designer Dog? 10/15/2007
How many Designer Dogs do you own? 10/8/2007
What brought you to this site? 9/30/2007

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