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 Location:Kingman, IN (United States)

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Name:Miss WillaView My Bio
Breed:Wee-ChonView My Gallery
Age:12 years 11 months 1 day

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Home for 2weeks...

Well this if my very first post so I thought I would just talk about why I decided to adopt a puppy and her 2weeks of being home.
Im a huge animal lover and I have always wanted a smaller dog. My husband and I have two labs and some rescue cats. I have two snowshoe cats inside and the rest of our clan live on our acre of land. I searched petfinder and craigs list and local newspapers for the perfect puppy to add to our family. I came across an add that a lady had about wee-chon puppy's. I have never heard of a Wee-Chon and I was very interested. I did some research on them and decided that was what I wanted. I new puppy's were alot of work but I thought it was time to add one to our family.
Our ride to get her was about a 6hour round trip. I brought treats and toys and a beautiful pink sweater that I had bought for her. The ride home was okay she was a little sick and upset but who wouldnt be. We get her home and she totally took to us really fast. I cant say that these two weeks have been perfect but they have been fun and exciting. I did not get much sleep the first week. Potty training and crate training and watching her like a hawk in the house because she gets into everything, hehe. But I can say that in these two weeks we have her sleeping in her crate at night next to our bed. She lets me know when she has to go out. We have taught her how to sit and now we are working on highfive. And the potty training is going very well but its not complete yet. But I know it will be. ;)
So Miss Willa is 8weeks old now and she is a very happy energetic and loving pup and we love her very much.

If anyone has any feedback for me, advice on training or just a comment please feel free to say hi!!!

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Posted: 3/9/2009 4:35:35 PM

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