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 Location:Montgomery, TX (United States)

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Name:CookieView My Bio
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Age:16 years 1 month 7 days
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Age:16 years 2 days
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Age:13 years 9 months 27 days
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Ceiliedh is a ham

Well, anytime I pick up the camera, Ceiliedh has to come and sit at my feet. She loves having her picture taken. She weighs about 6 pounds now, and is just tooo cute.

She also is quite the little personality. She loves everybody, and is very adept at making new friends. I'm hoping to get them all groomed next week, so maybe they won't look so much like dirty wet mops!

I've started working at a groomer's again, so I'll be able to keep them bathed easier, but don't have as much time to work with them on the tricks I've been trying to teach them. Oh well, it'll just take longer I guess.

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Posted: 7/7/2008 3:51:08 PM

Hello all

Gee, I've never done a blog before, unless you count my diary of my dollhouse I'm building.

However, here goes one for my fur-babies.

When I first met my husband, back in 2005 I had a beagle/fox terrier mix named Daisy, and a border collie/doberman mix name Brutus. I moved in with David in July and of course, Daisy and Brutus came with me. We had differing styles of pet ownership, and even though he agreed to Daisy being a house dog, he absolutely refused to allow her on the bed. Well, it took a week or so, but I broke her of sleeping with me. She was so sad, but I built her a sleeping place on the floor beside the bed so at least she was still near me at night.

Anyway, I didn't know it at the time but she was badly infested with heartworm, and died shortly afterward. I was devastated, I had been on welfare for most of the time I had owned her, and couldn't really afford proper vet care for her. I swore then and there that never again would my babies not get the regular vet care they needed.

Brutus had gone through a heartworm infestation of his own several years before, and was left with an enlarged heart and scar tissue in his lungs. He was ok, but not great. He developed hip problems that year, and the vet said that we were looking at quality of life, not quantity. She said that one day I would just know when it was time, and sure enough one morning Brutus could no longer get up. He knew it was time, too. My daughter and I were with him as he crossed over to the rainbow bridge, and I know he's up there running carefree with Daisy, waiting for me.

Well, David could see how upset I was over losing both my dogs, that I'd had for ten years, in such a short while, that at Christmas he bought me my precious Christmas Sugar Cookie. She was all long silky spotted hair and big brown eyes when we brought her home. And after a couple weeks we decided to get her a friend, and were thinking about breeding them also. So in January, after seeing the movie, Walk The Line, we brought home The Man in Black, better known as Cash.

Cookie and Cash have been the highlight of my life with David, we got married in April of this year, and have let Cookie have two litters, of which we kept one of the little girls from this last litter. She is my little toy baby, Ceiliedh. That little girl is feisty! She plays with our yellow lab puppy, Cheyenne, and usually wins!

We are having Cookie spayed later this year, as she has developed (maybe born with?) a dislocated hip, that will need to be corrected with surgery eventually. But letting her have more pups would only do more damage now. And I probably won't let Ceiliedh have any puppies either. The three of them, with Cheyenne are more than enough 'children' for us.

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Posted: 5/17/2008 3:17:50 PM

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