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 Location:Mt. Vernon, IL (United States)

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Name:SamanthaView My Bio
Breed:ChipinView My Gallery
Age:14 years 7 months 12 days

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Two Week Update

Well it has been two weeks since Sammy has been with us. We just love her. Her ears have since stood up and are pointing now. She hasn't grown much in size in the past two weeks though. Not sure if she will being that she is part chihauhau. She still sleeps a lot but diffenetly likes to play. Sammy hates beeing alone. She is starting to fit in just fine though. Hope to hear from other chipin owners.

Cristy and Sammy

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Posted: 12/11/2009 5:08:57 PM

My Chipin Samantha

Sammy is half Teacup Chihuahua and half Miniture Pincher. She is currently almost seven weeks old. We just brought her home this past Saturday. She seems to be adjusting to the family. I have a one year old Son who just loves her but he is a little rough with her. I'm teaching him to be gentle and loving to the puppy. Sammy likes to sleep on my lap, she is a huge cuddle baby. She sleeps with my husband and I in our bed at night but has to be right next to one of us at all times. She seems to sleep a lot though, I am a bit concerned about that. She gets some energy every once in a while and will run around and play but for the most part she just sleeps, is this normal. Sammy is my first chipin so any chipin owners out there with some great stories or advice I would love to hear from you.

Cristy and Sammy

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Posted: 12/4/2009 10:09:09 AM

Recent Discussion Posts

Hello from me and Foxxy

Hello to both of you from me and Samantha who is a Chipin. We welcome you and hope to see more of you around. [:)]

Hello from me and Foxxy | New Members

Posted: 12/4/2009 3:43:34 PM

New here -

A chipin is half chihuahua and half miniture pincher. :) but Sammy is half teacup chihuahua and half miniture pincher so I'm not sure how big she will get at this point. [:)]

New here - | New Members

Posted: 12/4/2009 3:38:58 PM

Samantha is new here.

Samantha is new here. | New Members

Posted: 12/4/2009 10:25:33 AM

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