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 Location:Hudson, NY (United States)

Designer Dogs

Name:BanditView My Bio
Breed:Chi-ChonView My Gallery
Age:15 years 1 day

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Bandit & I

I m interested in knowing if anyone out there has this wonderful designer breed--Chi-Chon?
My Bandit is now almost 8 months old and the light of my life! He is black and white and is about 7 lbs.He seems to have hair, not fur and doesn t really shed. he is potty trained and has learned tricks already.He loves to please us and will follow us everywhere, but doesn t bark or destroy anything when we leave the house.I never used a crate and he has always been so well behaved.
I really do consider Bandit the "perfect" pup, although I am trying to get him use to stangers. so far, he will growl at outside noises and is very nervous when people come to the house.It could be that we don t socialize much--or maybe its the breed?
If any one out there has a cutie like mine, please share your info. I just love talking about him!!

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Posted: 12/19/2008 1:35:58 PM

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