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 Location:Yukon, OK (United States)

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Name:MackView My Bio
Breed:DaniffView My Gallery
Age:14 years 12 days

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Daniffs as a breed.

Mack is our Daniff. He is a wonderful additon to the family. Having been around dogs all my life, Mack is a pure joy. I have never seen a dog that is so interested in what we do. He insist that he is part of every activity. At a recent Halloween party for our teen age daughter he made friends with nearly 30 teenagers.

His size and personality draws attention where ever he goes. Everyone has an opinion,non dog people give him a wide berth (the very worst that he would do is to slime you), dog lovers can't pet and rub on him enough. As big as he is he is very easy to take in public, we use a harness because a choke coller is not needed. He is well mannered but very interested in meeting new people.

I would like to hear from other people that have included a Daniff in their family

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Posted: 1/11/2009 4:53:35 PM

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Daniffs in your family

Daniffs in your family | New Members

Posted: 1/15/2009 9:21:23 PM

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