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Designer Dog Blogs

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by chelsea10110 on 4/1/2009 at 5:42 PM in New Puppy

Anybody with a Newfypoo please reply. I would love to hear how your's turned out. I would love to learn more about this breed.

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Lacey, Logan and the Newcomer - Lance

by sands904 on 10/9/2008 at 6:19 PM in New Puppy

Well, tomorrow will be a week since we adopted Lance from the shelter. I was very worried at first about the three of them getting along. The weekend went okay but then Monday morning Logan woke me up vomitting 3 times. Then I found he had some bloody diaherra. I stayed home from work and took him into the vet right away. The vet examined him and ran a couple of tests. One and a half hours, $150 and 3 prescriptions later we were on our way home. All the tests came back negative and the vet said it could just be stress over the new dog.

I was worried. I thought about taking Lance back to the shelter, but really didn't want to. Lance is supossedly a German Shepherd mix (17lbs @ 11wks) and Lacey (7lbs) & Logan(12lbs) are Chipoos I thought the size different might be contributing to Logans stress (if that was really the problem). My husband and I thought long and hard and were ready to take him back on Tuesday night. We let Lance out of his crate after work and they began playing nicely together. It was like they all new it was time...

After seeing that we decided to give it another chance as Lance is a wonderful puppy. The last couple of days have been great. There have been a few incidents of escalation but overall all three of them are chasing, playing and having a good time together.

Lance is even picking up potty training very quickly. We had no accidents yesterday. I caught him the day before in the act of going on the carpet and yelled 'NO' and he actually stoped in mid-pee and I took him outside where he finished and so far that was the last accident (hopefully for a very long time :)

That makes me question the estimated age the shelter gave him as Lacey & Logan never stopped at that age when I yelled. It could just be him or they may be off a few weeks. I don't know for sure but right now everything is calm as they are chewing on some rawhides nicely together. It is wonderful......
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