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Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

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Chewing Puppy

by JLRose06 on 1/10/2009 at 7:33 AM in Progress

So, Daisy is progressing. I got married the end of November and went on a honeymoon the beginning of December. Then My husband and I went to the Bahamas the day after Christmas. Daisy stayed with my parents and their 3 golden retrievers and one mixed dog. She did very well. I feel like every thime I get my parents to watch her, she gets taller, like she is trying to turn into golden retriever size. We wanted her to be well socialized with other dogs, so I could take her places like the park or stores that allow dogs.

I have found that when I put a shirt on Daisy, she is very calm, but when I don't she is psycho. Most of the time, my husband and I do not have a shirt on her, its when someone comes over to visit, or she won't leave the cat alone, or is just plain running around the house like a crazy dog that we do.

She is extremely active. Surprisingly she was very good with small children. I wasn't sure what to expect and she still has sharp teeth compared to the golden or our 2 miniature schnauzers. She didn't try to nip at them and was very gentile.

Daisy also has very strong back legs. she will stand up and walk to two legs by herself. The only thing we can take credit for teaching her right now is to sit, stay, no, and high-five. She will walk around the house on two legs, it's the craziest thing.

I will update more as time goes one. Things are finally getting back to normal around here. I am sick of traveling (I never thought I would say that). My husband and I decided that the next time we go anywhere, we would take our little guys, lol.
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Lacey, Logan and Lance

by sands904 on 11/15/2008 at 8:45 PM in Progress

I haven't written in a while as I have been hard at work training our new pup, Lance. He is about 4 months old and picking up commands very quickly. It took only about 1 week to have him potty trained. We have had only 1 accident since the first week he was home. He is very smart. All three of them are learning to get along nicely. Even Lacey is playing with Lance despite their size difference. I am very relieved to see this happening.
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