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Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

Designer Dog Blogs

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Oh Sheta!

by sesheta on 10/13/2009 at 12:34 AM in Progress

She's going on nine months old now. She's still a baby. But I tell her she's a big girl. Yea, right. Ok, she's big in stature. Big in size. She has big feet. I mean paws. A big mouth. And I do mean what you think I mean. Sheta lets me know what she wants, what she is thinking, whether she does it quietly, softly or loudly. She is some kind of dog!
When I thought to myself that I would enhance my life with a Sheprador, never did I imagine how my life would become enhanced. Sheta is undoubtedly super-intelligent, that goes hand-in-hand with her breeding. Let's face it. Half Australian Shepherd and half Lab makes for one heck of a smart cookie. I love having conversations with her! She turns her head this way and that, her eyes twinkle at me, her ears perk up and she sits and listens. Who knows if she understands? I know she comprehends my tone of voice. That's what is really important.
She has become my constant companion, never leaving my side. Sometimes, I must shut my bedroom door for And I explain to her that she must guard the house. That is her job. It is an important job. Believe me, she takes it quite seriously. She is an excellent watchdog. She notifies me immediately if she hears anything at all. She will only keep barking if the noises she hears are foreign to her and do not stop. That is what you want in a good guard dog.
She is loving, strong-willed, affectionate, cunning, assertive, intelligent, playful, fun, stubborn, funny...the list could go on. She's not a dog for everyone. She's not a dog for the meek at heart. But Sheta...oh're a dog for me!
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8 weeks old last Sunday

by Dannismom on 8/27/2009 at 4:12 PM in Progress

Well, Danni turned 8 weeks old on Sunday and is a real tomboy. Her favorite activities now include running around the house and dragging her terry cloth raccoon with her, that is until she destuffed it. She also thinks its fun to chomp down on the cats tail to make her squak, but kitty quickly put a stop to that with a paw to her nose.

We are finally making progress in potty training and Danni will go outside if I put her by the door, but she is afraid to go down from the kitchen to the landing by the door it's a 4 inch step down. Once she is outside I let her roam and after about 20 minutes Danni is ready to come in. She is still on the tiny side and refuses to go around the door to get in, but will go under the screen door, squeezing herself under.

We go back to the vet for her second set of shots next Thursday and then she can go to puppy playtime at Pet Co every Saturday at 3:30 to socialize her while I learn training techniques.

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