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The Funniest Thing I have Ever Seen...

by sands904 on 12/29/2008 at 5:05 PM in Funny Stories

Today, we went into Petco and bought a new bag of food for Lance our German Shepherd mix. He eats Wellness Large Breed Puppy food. They had a special where if you bought a bag of food you got 4 cans of Wellness food for free. I choose four different kinds - Chicken, Lamb, Turkey and Whitefish. I decided to start with the Whitefish to see if they would like it has they have never had fish before. I put a little of it on top of their regular dry food and set the bowls down on the floor. Lacey and Logan (our Chipoos) sniffed the food for a second and then tried to rub their head in it like they do when they are ouside in the yard and smell another animal's scent. They couldn't actually rub their head in the bowl because of the sides on it but it was HILARIOUS!!!! They kept trying to rub their heads in front of the bowls. Has any one else ever seen this with dog food? Just curious and had to share:)
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