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by DaisyMarie2011 on 4/4/2011 at 4:13 PM in My Life

It appears that we have a little escape artist on our hands! The pet shop recommended keeping her "contained" when we were asleep or not home. For the second time now, I have came home to her escaping her "sanctuary". Thankfully there's been no issue with her doing so. I have yet to find anything chewed or that she's went potty on the floor. She was litter trained at the pet shop and is able to get back into her "sanctuary" when she feels the urge to go. I am still completely amazed by the whole litter trained aspect. I've heard of it being done before but I've never actually witnessed it. It's so awesome. Back to topic, it appears as if I need to find a more secure way to contain her when we are sleeping or away.
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