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More about Lacey's Adventures

by sands904 on 11/27/2007 at 6:59 PM in Lacey

Lacey is still having trouble with her leg. My husband talked with our vet yesterday and they referred us to a specialist. We are taking Lacey there next week to have a consultation and see if she really needs surgery. I believe she is going to have to have the surgery based on what I have read about this condition. Just tonight she was running and the stopped limping. I picked her up and rubbed her leg. All of a sudden something moved. I am guessing it was her knee popping back into place. I feel really helpless about this there is nothing I can really do to help her. It is heartbreaking to see her limping around. I really hope she is not in too much pain. Hopefully things will go well next week. I will keep you posted.
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Lacey's Knees

by sands904 on 11/19/2007 at 8:27 PM in Lacey

Well, it has been over a week since our visit to the vet to have Lacey's leg checked out because of her limping. It has been very difficult to keep her inactive, like the vet told us to, but we have done our best. We have been giving her the medicine the vet prescribed also. I have not noticed any more limping which is great. Hopefully she will be okay and not need the surgery after all.
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