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by sands904 on 4/17/2008 at 5:13 PM in Designer Dogs

I started this site as a way to express my love for my two 'Designer Dogs' and help other Designer Dog owners have a safe place to express their feelings and concerns about their dogs. I received an email today from people who are opposed to breeding/having designer dogs and it really made me mad.

From everything I have read the majority of the dogs being bred and raised today are kept as pets. Yes, there are some that are still working dogs, show dogs, etc, but the majority are kept in home by families as pets. When I bought my dogs, I bought them as just that pets. I think of them as my children and love them unconditionally. When Lacey needed knee surgery, I didn't blame the breeder for breeding an inferior, low quality dog. I took here to the dog medical clinic and paid for her to have surgery. It cost over $2000, but I didn't think twice or complain a bit. I just paid it because if she was one of my human children, I would have done the same thing.

So, I ask if someone wants a dog as a pet and they want a designer dog then why is that anyone elses business. Why should that person be bad mouthed and put down because of it. It is not their fault that there are dogs in the shelter, unless they personally took one there themselves. Yes, I do hope that more people will consider adopting from shelters when they want a dog. My husband and I looked at some shelters in our area, but didn't find a dog that fit our wants. When it is time for me to get another dog I will look in the local shelters again and hopefully find what I am looking for and help a dog out.

Why do people have to bash Designer Dog Breeders for producing dogs that people want? Didn't all dogs come from the same place anyway? I have nothing against purebreds, breeders or their owners, I just know they were derrived from a long line of other dogs by mixing them just like what is going on today.

Todays designer dog breeders are breeding pets that people want. Lots of them do genetic testing and make sure they are producing healthy puppies. Yet they are still criticized. I just don't understand it. Yes, I suppose there are some that are not doing genetic testing. Were our parents genetically tested before they were allowed to have us, maybe but I don't think so. Why are humans free to make all the unhealthy babies in the world, but our dogs have to be tested before they can. I thought reproducing was a natural thing. Sometimes I think we have taken technology and advances too far. Some designer dog breeder may be charging more just to make money, but you don't have to look very far to see the sam happening in the 'Purebred World'. We found a breeder who was selling a purebred Yorkie for $2200 which seems to be okay, but if the same breeders was charging that for a Yorkipoo it would be said they are doing it just for the money, etc. I just disagree with the double standard.

The point of the site was not to promote or discourage the breeding of Designer Dogs. It was to give the people who have them a community to share feelings, stories, pictures, etc without feeling like there dog is less worthy because it is not purebred. Personally, I love my dogs and I would NOT trade them for all the money in the world no matter what they are.
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