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by sands904 on 5/30/2010 at 6:59 PM in Designer Dogs

So, yesterday I received a somewhat nasty email from one of our former members berating our site for not allowing breeders to post dog's for sale on it. While some of you might know we used to allow breeders to list Dogs for Sale on our site but after several complaints and much research on my part I decided it was in the best interest of the dogs and our site to no longer allow them to be posted. I do understand that many people probably come to our site looking for a puppy to purchase but we have no way to verify the integrity of the ads or breeders posting them. I started this site not just as a community for dogs and dog lovers but as a way to provide information out about mixed-breed and designer dogs along with health, training, etc. and to allow owners to connect with other owners.
As the person pointed out we may be losing out on new members because of this decision. I am okay with that. I just wanted to reach out to our member community and get your input on this topic. My intention is not to push good and ethical breeders away but to maintain the integrity of our Community and not become part of the problem when it comes to Backyard Breeders and Puppy Mills. Besides being a web designer I am a passionate dog lover and aspiring trainer. As such I do a ton of reading and research about dog health, nutrition, behavior, etc and this has become a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. I adopted my third dog Lance from our local shelter. Perhaps my passion for trying to help shelter dogs find homes and keep more from making it there has taken me too far to one side in regards to this topic. Again any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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I fully agree with your aims for the community. It is paramount that unscrupulous breeders are not allowed to benefit through advertising their dogs on the site. Sadly too many dogs are brought into the world, because dog owners see it as an easy way of "making a quick buck" also unfortunately so many dogs are bought merely on a whim, and later, apparently equally easily, abandoned. Shelters worldwide simply cannot cope despite the marvellous efforts of their owners and so many of these wonderful animals are destroyed. Although I have a passion for many breeds of dogs, I would never purchase one from a breeder, when there are many in shelters who need a home.
All the dogs that I have ever owned have been acquired this way or passed on to me by members of my own family, who although they love dogs have never really been in a position to look after them properly mainly through lack of time. I have at the moment two dogs, just recently having an 18 year old pass on. Often I have two others who come to stay with me frequently. Normally I also walk other dogs too, belonging to neighbours, who are unable to give their dogs as much walking time, as they need.
I share your passion for dogs and also have a great interest in all aspects of knowledge about dogs,partly through partly adapted professional qualifications, wide reading of anything about dogs and also experience. I must say however that although I like all aspects of the site, I am disappointed that few members seem to appreciate suggestions or wish to contribute comments, no doubt you share my views about that.
michdwy on 5/31/2010 at 6:41 AM

Thanks michdwy for your wonderful comments. I have no intention at all for allowing breeders to advertise here. I just wanted to get a feeling for what our members want. I definitely share your passion for dogs and love learning all I can about them. I agree we have several members who post regurlarly and many who do not. If anyone has suggestions about building membership or increasing participation please let me know. I really do want this to be a community that all our members enjoy.
sands904 on 5/31/2010 at 7:58 AM

you made the right decision. And leadership like that will keep this site strong and healthy keep up the good work
mseidenberg on 5/31/2010 at 7:39 PM

I am a new member to the community and I would like you to know that I fully agree with this policy. There are so many shelter dogs being euthanized because of overcrowding, it would be fantastic if more people would ADOPT. We don't need more breeding, especially from puppy mills. I am involved in the transport of rescue dogs from the south to the N.E.and I see many dogs in need of forever homes. Please do not post dogs for sale on this site. ADOPT
bella55sc on 7/31/2010 at 10:28 PM

Thanks for your comments Bella55sc! I agree, I wish there was a way we could get more people to adopt. I adopted my last dog and he is absolutely amazing! He actually came up to WI from down south where him and the rest of his litter was dumped on the side of the road. I am greatful for people like you who save these dogs and transport them to new homes. The world would be a much better place with more people like you. I am an adopter for life and try to convince others that is the way to get a dog.
sands904 on 8/1/2010 at 7:07 AM

I also agree with the decision. I came to this site after I got my dog and have learned a lot about the breed. It has helped me and I was so proud today when I saw the breed for the first time on the top breeds list. There are plenty of animals out there with out homes and there are many sites that do not allow breeders on there sites. If you are concerned with people wanting puppies or dogs from the site maybe partner with I know that they do screening before they allow pets to be homed. That way you can be helping homeless animals and people looking for a pet.
Rfrederick1286 on 9/27/2011 at 11:20 AM

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