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Logan's Dental Woes Continue

Logan's Dental Woes Continue

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Logan's Dental Woes Continue

by sands904 on 1/3/2011 at 8:14 PM in Logan

Well on Christmas morning Lance and Logan were playing tug with their new toys and all of a sudden they stopped and I found a tooth laying on the floor in front of Logan. I picked up the tooth and looked at it. I couldn't tell if all the roots had come out with it or not. From our past experienced I know that if the entire root does not come out the vet recommends going in and removing it so that it does not abscess and get infected causing all sorts of problems.

Tuesday we went into the vet with Logan and the tooth. She looked at the tooth and said it did not look normal. To her it appeared to have rotted from the inside out. She is going to consult with a dental specialist and see what we can do about this. Thursday Logan has an appointment to be sedated and have the roots of that tooth removed and the rest of the x-rayed to make sure they are all healthy. Hopefully he does not have any more 'rotten' teeth.

I don't know how much more this poor little boy can take :(
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