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6 months old...

by slrenkert on 5/29/2009 at 2:11 PM in First Post

I'm beginning to wonder if ludo is really a golden shepherd, I can see the german shepherd in him but I'm having trouble seeing the golden retriever. his tail curls up and his ears are still flopped down...been trying to find another dog that looks like him, but having a little trouble.
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our gaurd puppy

by slrenkert on 3/27/2009 at 10:41 PM in First Post

Today my normally quite puppy used his big dog bark! We live in AZ and here we get bobcats. last year we had over 5 bobcats come into our back yard. I think they we're hoping our cat would be out. well the first bobcat of the year made it's way into our back yard today. Thank goodness our 4month old ludo was not outside because he is still to little to protect himself against a bob cat. But he knew that this strange thing did not belong in his back yard. Well then it came out a vicious growling bark, and that bobcat high tailed it back over the wall! It was something I was not ready for, when I take him on walks he never barks even when the other dogs are barking at him. So, I guess its true what the say about golden shepards they will protect their family when they sense danger!
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