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Need help with puppy biting & tugging

by dogluvr on 2/23/2009 at 8:42 PM in First Post

If anyone has any suggestions that have worked for you to help stop puppy biting and tugging, I'd really like to hear them! My little Sophie is 16 weeks old (a maltipoo) and is so adorable, but she is such a teether and a tugger! The problem is she uses me as her chew toy - my pants legs and sleeves and fingers are under constant attack! She is kind of aggressive in her play, but she isn't being mean she is just playing. Still, her sharp puppy teeth are like needles and they hurt even if that's not her intention. So far I have tried yelling "ouch" and walking away from her, I've tried scolding her, I've tried ignoring the behavior - none of it helps. I will not hit her, so please do not suggest that. I have gently squeezed her muzzle and said "no bite!" but she isn't fazed at all by that, and goes right back to play-biting and tugging. I have so many holes in my pants legs and sleeves, and scratches on my hands. Please help if you can! Thanks!! :)
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