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A Rascal of a Time

by Belusky on 3/30/2011 at 10:04 AM in A Day in the life of Fraggle

Well, Fraggle is now 2 years old...amazing, just over two years ago now, this wonderful, intelligent, beautiful dog was born into our world.

We have had our glorious ups, and our ugly downs with her, we've had some proud moments and some bad moments.

One of our proudest moments was when Fraggle became a mother. Oh what a mother she was. The slightest noise from her litter (of 8 beautiful pups) and she was there, fussing,having a look. She fed them well, and amazingly kept well herself at the same time.

Myself being a sucker, kept the runt of this litter, so we welcomed JP Ima Rascal to our family.

Rascal is more tan then her dam, but has gained the white markings that make Fraggle oh so special, she also has the same coat which is gradually blonding up.

Rascal has her dam's high intelligence and has garnered some of her dam's temperement too. She is fantastic with children (and only at 6months old) and has a high trainability too. Although I have had to think of some new ways to reward.....

I will update my Fraggle photos and add some of Rascal within the next few days.

All the other puppies found excellent homes, and out of the 8 we now have :

2 in general family homes
5 in security homes/jobs
1 in whatever life throws at her (Rascal)

The ones I am updated on, have all matured into beautiful, friendly, loyal, hardworking dogs. The only complaint I have heard about these mini fraggles, has been that with their owners/handlers they are just to damn friendly and smart.

Hope this blog finds you all well and happy, from the Belusky crew.
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Look at the photos...

by Belusky on 9/19/2010 at 11:16 AM in A Day in the life of Fraggle

Well interesting couple of days in the world of fraggle. Someone decided that we were neglecting her, and called the RSPCA, telling them that she had had no water or food or shelter. Funny thing was, when the inspector got here, fraggle had just finished her breakfast and was gnawing on a bone, had some treats in a bowl, and a bowl full of biscuits, and a huge bucket of water, i will admit the water wasnt today fresh, it was 2am saturday fresh. The only thing that the inspector could say was she needs shelter ( there is a tree and a sort of lean to, and we were going to build a shelter in the next few days, just ended up being done today). So we shall see how it goes when the inspector comes back on wednesday.

Other news for fraggle is, we took her to where we are currently fixing our car. This place has sheep, Fraggle went to go chase them and was told ah ah, and came back and laid down and didnt bother about the sheep (or alpacas!).

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