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Pookey's Bio

joined 11/16/2009

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Pookey the Black White & Brown Male Yorkillon / Stands 7 inches tall / Weighs 4 lbs / Born 9/8/2009 in Horse Cave, Kentucky / Lives with sandywitch in Horse Cave, KY (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
No (Microchipping Information)
Came From
Frisky, tenacious, cuddly, gets into everything
Favorite Toy
His ball and any other dog toy to push it around with!
Favorite Hobby
Grabbing small things within his reach and daring you to try to get it away from him!
Favorite Food
Any people food he gets a sample of.
Favorite Treat
Little-Jacs Small Dog Training Treats, liver or yogurt.
Favorite Trick
Pushing his ball around in the house with another toy.
Favorite Place To Sleep
His den.
Favorite Place To Play
Fenced in back yard.
Favorite Place To Walk
Our neighborhood.
Flying around the yard as fast as he can, swiping footwear and daring you to try to get it back, and fetching his ball when it's thrown.
Being out in the back yard alone.
Pookey's Story & Details
Pookey was bought just two days ago (2009) in a Walmart parking lot from a local breeder who needed more space in her house immediately. The price was right and he was so adorable I just couldn't resist! He came with papers and a nice little kit with information on how to raise a small dog, and some Eukenuba puppy food, an application to the CKC, a contract, a potty training chart, his shot records, and several other items, including a toy. I've wanted a small dog for quite a while and had been researching different breeds online, but I didn't intend to get one until our house was built. I just couldn't turn down this opportunity though.

I was undecided between a Yorkshire terrior or a Papillon. Also, there were none of either in any shelters around here for adoption. Whenever I saw one listed, it always said, "Already adopted" on it's profile. So when I saw this little darling, a mix between the two, I just caved in!

Now we've moved into a house in town and fenced the back yard. The big dog he used to be afraid of (GSP/Lab mix).......he just loved him! In fact, he made a pest of himself jumping up giving Hunter puppy kisses. It was fun when I can get both dogs to tug on a toy at the same time. Hunter COULD just fling it hard and Pookey would go flying, but he let Pookey win! They both growled and snarled and it sounded like a terrible dog fight going on, but it was all just loud play. Hunter is sadly deceased now. (snif)

One disturbing thing though.....Pookey likes to eat poop. I even got some additive from the vet to stop that, so although he stopped eating his own poop, he'll eat others, including grazing in the cat box!

The other thing is his barking. It's so high-pitched and shrill and he won't quit. We're working on that. He makes a wonderful alarm and door bell. I know if someone just stops their vehicle out front.

He's still young. I'm hoping with a little more maturity he'll slow down a little bit and be more obediant and trainable.

He loves to have his belly rubbed while we're sitting on the swing together.

Now he's almost three years old and he rides very nicely in the car. He's bonded to me very closely, however he will allow a strange groomer to groom him if I hand over the leash and say it's alright and then get out of sight. Recently when I took him to the vet for his regular shots, a lady in there was impressed that he is SO HAPPY! His little tail just about wags off, and he didn't bark any anyone or any of the other pets. He's just very protective of our home. I thinkk he thinks he's an English Mastiff. LOL!

Pookey's Puppy Pad

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