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Brittian's Bio

joined 12/6/2008

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Brittian the White Female Maltipoo / Stands 10 inches tall / Weighs 5 lbs / Born 1/1/2004 in Arkansas / Lives with 3RingCircus in texarkana, AR (United States)


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Britt-Britt * Bonkers
Came From
Shes layed back, but when she gets excited She is sooo Goofy
Favorite Toy
Shes not big into toys, But she will play Tug Of War with my 2 year old
Favorite Hobby
Staying under my feet And tring to play with my 20lb Cat.He's not much into it :0)
Favorite Food
She will do anything for a chicken nugget
Favorite Treat
Liver treats
Favorite Trick
She plays ring around the rosies* When i sing the song she gets up on her back legs and goes in circles then we all SIT down. HeHe
Favorite Place To Sleep
On my pillow
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
She dosent like strangers coming up to my little girls They are 1 and 2 years old. Shes very protective
Brittian's Story & Details
My husband bought Britt for me right after we got married. To this day he says it was such a waste of money.But he loves her,he just wont say it.She is so good with my babies, even when they pull a hand full of hair out. She knows there babies.She just wants to be with me all the time, no matter what im doing.She is such a sweet girl.

Brittian's Puppy Pad

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