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Capone's Bio

joined 12/21/2008

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Capone the Black & White Male Pitweiler / Stands Over 35 inches tall / Weighs 112 lbs / Born 1/17/2006 in Houston, Texas / Lives with lisajezek in Houston, TX (United States)


N/A (Spay & Neuter Information)
N/A (Microchipping Information)
Bull Dozer, Snuggle-Bug, Baby Nats, Pony and sometimes...damn dog..LOL
Came From
Super Intellegent, human like reasoning skills...Very Friendly even though he is AOC trained, and has no idea he's a dog.
Favorite Toy
He has OCD when it comes to the Laser light!! and he loves a soft rope for playing Tug-o-war
Favorite Hobby
Chasing squirrels when he plays outside and watching Animal Planet when he's inside.
Favorite Food
Anything I'm eating...but his regular food is an all natural food called Blue Buffalo
Favorite Treat
Peanut Butter Scooby Snacks
Favorite Trick
Carrying things for me...and he will pose in any position I put him in so I can take his picture...he's such a ham! He puts his dishes in the sink too
Favorite Place To Sleep
In my bed...usually taking up 3/4 of the bed.
Favorite Place To Play
Favorite Place To Walk
Cats, Rats, black eyed peas and being left at home...even for a little while.
Capone's Story & Details
I have developed several serious health issues in the last few years that really made my quality of life suffer. But 3 years ago on January 17th, 2006...God sent me a Guardian Angel and we named him Capone. Because of his appearance, we get mixed reactions from people everywhere we go. Some great...and some people run the other way. You see...Capone is a 112 lb. Rottweiller/Pit Bull hybrid and can be very intimidating to look at and because of the reputation of both of these breeds, it's been a challenge at times to be treated the same way in public places as I would have, had Capone been born a Lab or Golden Retriever. He is however, very sociable, friendly and a big ham. He loves everybody. Capone was a result of a neighbors Pit Bull scaling my fence and breeding with my German Rottie. We already had two dogs and were going to adopt out ALL of the puppies but very quickly realized there was something special about Capone. He began picking up things in the yard and even in the house that were out of place and bringing them to me at 8 weeks old. By 4 months he had realized that the TV remote could put on the Animal Planet so he would bring it to me and actually sit and watch an entire program...and now every episode of Meercat Manor. (his favorite) We finally had to buy him his own TV. His capacity for learning was amazing and he continues to amaze us daily. I have COPD and a few other health conditions and I realized that he could help me with a lot of that. So about two years ago I started formally training him to assist me and he passed his service dog test and became certified this year. He helps me with so many things but his main job is to help carry things. Before on days when my COPD was so bad I'd be on breathing treatments 2 to 3 times a day, and I'd be stuck at home. Now...Capone carries portable breathing equipment and everything I would need that day in a special day-trip back-pack. I also have back problems which limit my mobility at times and he helps me so much. He will pick up anything I ask him to and hand it to me. He's a lot of help at the grocery store for the things on the bottom shelves. He knows most household objects by name such as the car keys, remote, purse, medicine, phone etc. and will retrieve them for me when asked. He helps take out the trash...bring in groceries...and even takes my socks off at the end of the day. He also hogs the covers at night. He was truly a gift and I feel very blessed to share my life with this beautiful animal. We try to educate people wherever we go that these dogs are NOT just used for being guard dogs and that they are loving animals, eager to please their family members. Capone took his first breath in the palm of my hand and he will be with me when he takes his last. He is truly amazing and has enriched my life more than words can describe. We love him very much and I cannot imagine my life without him.

Capone's Puppy Pad

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