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Gibbs's Bio

joined 5/23/2012

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Gibbs the Fawn & White Male Boxmas / Stands 22 inches tall / Weighs 50 lbs / Born 9/14/2011 in Phoenix / Lives with ozia in WSMR, NM (United States)


Yes (Spay & Neuter Information)
Yes (Microchipping Information)
Gibbs Smokey Einstein A., Gibbsy, Gibbson Les Paul, Gibblet, Gibbalt,
Came From
proud, loving, fiercely attached, over confident, very protective
Favorite Toy
little monkey baby blanket
Favorite Hobby
following mama around the house,
Favorite Food
raw red meat, eukanuba
Favorite Treat
doggie lemon cream cookies
Favorite Trick
Favorite Place To Sleep
next to or on top of me
Favorite Place To Play
on the bed or couch, with our other dog Spike, or next door with Spike and the neighbours bulldog-boxer Sapper.
Favorite Place To Walk
any where
being with me, play time, lovins', car rides, Spike and Sapper, My husband, hide and seek
being away, not being able to see or touch me, getting bugged while he's trying to sleep,
Gibbs's Story & Details
I adopted Gibbs march 29, 2012 as a wedding present, he entered the pound march 27th (my birthday), I was married the 28th, picked him up the next day, he has grown terribly attached to me and can't stand when i'm away, he even throws a fit when we're only separated by gloss.

Gibbs's Puppy Pad

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