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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Is my Puppy Sick??

Is my Puppy Sick??

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Yes, I can say I was stupid and bought a dog at a pet store. He's a puggle. Welll when we got him he was sick...We didn't notice it until we actually got home with him.... Well he is getting over Kennel cough and is on meds. He was at the vets for 3 days while he was getting better. Now I don't know if something else is wrong with Rocky. He seems to be eating well/peeing & pooping but I think I am seeing blood in his stools? They are brown w/red. Not sure if this is normal or from his food. I don't know what blood really looks like in stools, but I really think it is blood. He's up to date on all his shots. I'm a first time puppy owner and need advice! I will call the vet tomorrow as well.

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It's okay the important thing is he is going to have a better life with you now [:D] Kennel cough can be scary but it is very common for puppies to have. Two out of three of my pups had it when they were younger. In fact we just adopted a new puppy from a shelter two months ago and he had it. We had to wait to bring in our other two dogs for them to meet him because he was very contageous. If he is on meds for that it should be fine. As far as the bloody stool, our dogs have has that a couple of times as well. How long have you had him? Have you switched his food recently? Our vet said stress (if he has just moved into your home there may be some stress from adjusting to his new environment) and change of diet can be causes of that, but it is good that you are calling the vet because it may be something else. I wouldn't be too worried tonight but get him in asap to make sure he is okay. Good luck and let us know how he is doing. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

So the vet thinks it might be stress as well. We bought him on 12/4 but had to bring him back to the vet on 12/5 to get treated for the cough. He was at the vets office till 12/8 when he was pretty much ok to take home. SO between the 1 night he lived with us then getting stuck in a kennel again @ the vets I think he just thought we didn't want him. When I picked him up he was a little scared, but once we we're home he was a happy little pup. Today his stool seemed to be fine (no blood) and a little less loose & less smelly. (Thank God) He's getting better with the paper training. We take him for walks all the time, but it's cold where we live and he shivers even with his cute little sweater on and just wimpers to go back in. Had a ? for anyone with some advice....He likes to bit my leg pant bottoms or my sleeves to my hoodie and pull or trying to put socks on around him is impossible!!. I want him to stop. I tell him "no" then go get one of his toys so he can bit that. I don't know if he just thinks its a game. What can I do to have/teach him to stop?
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Glad to hear he is doing better. Just keep loving him and he will be fine. As far as the biting and tugging on clothing that is very common for puppies, all of mine have done it. Just keep telling him 'no' like you are. He may think you are playing so if he starts to bite you take your hands away from him and cross your arms. Pushing him away or trying to get him to stop with your hands will just reinforce his bitting as he will think it is a game. Good Luck and we would love to see some pictures of him [:D]

I posted some pics today [:D] He's so cute...but way different than other puggles I see. His colors are reversed. Black & fawn...usually they are the other way around.... I feel that he has more beagle in him than pug..Buthe's still very cute

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