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New Puppy Potty HELP!!

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We have him in the laundry room with safty gate during the day. We put down news paper and he uses it well. Once we get home I take himout for his usual walk...He does his business where he normally goes "his spot" and I give him praise...But then 10 minutes later once we are in the house he will squat & pee on my floor/carpet even under the tree. I use special cleaner to clean it up & remove the scent..Once I catch him in the act I pick him up and bring him back to the laundry room on the newspaper (Of course by this time he doesn't need to go anymore or finish what he has started)I put the gate up and tell him to finish his business. He will wimper but after about 15 minutes I will take him back out 'cuz I know he won't go. I have even tried 2nd walks... Is this for attention?

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Potty training can be difficult and takes some time. It sounds like you have the right idea, just keep with it. Puppies may show signs of being trained but typically they don't have full control of their bladder until around 6 months of age. So, expect a few accidents but keep consistant with him and it will pay off. Good Luck!
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Hi there, I am a new puppy owner as well. I recently rescued two Labmaraners and when I picked them up they were 6 weeks old. Off the bat, I had the same problem that you were having, which I thought was normal, and in most cases it is, just being that they are puppies and still learning. However, I had someone tell me that if you leave water and dry food out for them at all times you are actually going to make them go way more. The more dry dog food that a dog eats, the more it is going to drink and then you will run into the issue of him having to go so often. Also, when I am gone, I put my pups in crates, they actually love it in them after a while, it is their saftey zone, both pups will not go to the bathroom in their crate because they don't want to have to lay in it. Don't know if any of this will help or not, just wanted to try and help you out with any small tips that helped me. Eric

Since you are potty training on the newspaper. What I suggest and I did too. When you are home put the newspaper down near the door where he goes out. Just put enough in the house so he can see it and smell it like half in half out under the door. He will soon know to go near there and alert you for outside. i also hung a bell on the door soon my puppy was going to the bell to go out. You will need to jingle the bell each time you take him out and say good boy, or good girl praise him. Now for raining days I also have a porch pup potty which is turf grass, she goes on that as well. On nice days she goes outside to do her business. Hope this may help.

sorry forgot to let you know when I go to work my puppy is in a crate also. They will not soil ther sleep area. We call the crate her house. They can hold for about 4 hours..

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