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Excited Bladder

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My puppy gets so excited around other people that she can't control herself and pee's a little. Any ideas on what I can do so this doesn't happen everytime?


My puppy will pee when he's over excited as well...(even if he just went outside or on the paper) He gets really hyper and pees a lot. I always ask myself where he's getting all the liquids to pee it all out! I have heard they outgrow it. When the dog gets excited make sure you & the dog are in an area that if a mistake happens it's easy to clean up.

wat i would do is that every time she gets excited to give her a treat if she doesnt pee
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My dog did this when she was a very young puppy. As she got a little older she only did it when certain people arrived. Usually people who had dogs at home. Once she got to about 10 months it totally stopped.

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