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new pup in town

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Khizma is our new little doll. She is 9 weeks old today. The cutest little thing. Her litter was 5 pups and well her 4 siblings looked like their yorkie momma.... khizma was the little oddball looking nothing like a yorkie at all LOL. Nice to find a forum where we can meet other chorkies.

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Welcome! Khizma is adorable! I don't have a Chorkie but I do have two Chipoos. They are such fun! Good Luck to you and Khizma [:)]
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Oh my word, Khizma is sooo adorable, you're so lucky! How big is she likely to grow? I don't know a lot about Yorkies so have no idea of their size! I have a Chilier (cavalier x chihuahua) who's 10 months old and 10lbs now. She's an utter star, I absolutely love chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes! You got a goodun there :) x

I think she'll be 7lb ish she is 10 weeks and 2.9 lb
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I made a chart plotting how Sky grew because I was so fascinated to know how big she would get! At 2 months Sky weighed 3.3lbs, then at 3 months weighed 5lbs, 4months - 6.5lbs and 5months she was 8lbs... it then slowed down loads so she got to 10lbs and it's stayed there. I looked at the picture of yours and she does seem quite a bit smaller. :)

HI Everyone, We are picking up a new puppy on saturday and are so excited. He is a rescue pup, and he is a poogle (poodle/beagle). We already have a female poogle and she is the best. Can't wait, but dread housebreaking in the snow....any suggestions? Eva

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