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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > What's wrong with my dog?? Please help!

What's wrong with my dog?? Please help!

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He's losing his fur where he is either scratching or biting the area. It's as if he's itchy, but not sure what it can be from. He's constantly scratching same spot everytime. I don't phsyically see anything on him. Is this normal?? It started a few weeks ago. We are now seeing the results to where he is scratching & biting. I posted a pic of the small spot where he lost his fur.[?]

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Poor Rocky, thats not good. Our dog had a similar problem about 6 months ago. She was constantly licking and biting at her wrists (for lack of a better description). We took her into the vet and they thought it may be allergies or a nervious habbit like people who bit their nails. In our case we believe it was the latter because my husband was gone for work every week and it has gotten better since. I don't know where you live but it may be early allergies...Hope that helps...
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Hi I am a groomer. First don't ever use human shampoo on your pets. Second even if your dog may not have active fleas, they can jump and bite them. Causing a possible allergic reaction. Call your vet first but you can give your dog a Benedryl allergy pill to help with the itching. any questions please write. Thanks vicki

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