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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Schatzi Smith - Shih Poo - Legs and feet

Schatzi Smith - Shih Poo - Legs and feet

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Schatzi sometimes limps when he gets up, when he stands at times, one leg and foot will turn out...........the vet says he doesn't have a problem, and he can run like the just seems strange that sometimes his foot turns out to the side. Is this common with his breed? Sometimes it looks like his shoulders hunch out like an English Bulldog.


My Shih Poo has the same thing. We took her to a specialist and found out she needs Ulnar osteotomy. Which is surgery to help her. The ulnar and Radius are growing at differnt paces. One is longer than the other and it is causing the other bone to bow. Causes her to be lame on her right forelimb. I hope this is not what is wrong with you pet.

Thanks.......I hopr not too. He has no trouble running or jumping, he just seems to be bowlegged.

my shih poo is 6 months old. she runs all over the place and is very active. but she is going in for surgery on Tuesday or Wednesday waiting for the date. Her right front forelimb is what she limped on, only when she woke from laying down, after that she was good to go. I do hope your dog does not have that too. There are other things that could be wrong with her elbow..Do some research on it. My daughter works for the Vet where my puppy will be having surgery so I do have peace of mind. But not a full pocketbook after the surgery.

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