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Jager and Bella Say Hi!

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Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi to everyone... My name is Eric Greenawalt and I am from Harrisburg, PA. A few months ago I rescued two Labmaraner puppies that were found along the side of a highway in North Carolina. My wife and I were not really looking to get a dog at the time, however, when we saw the look on the little puppy's face we couldn't turn our back on her. Her name is Bella. We called the Mercy Animal Rescue of Marion, NC and started the adoption process when they told us that there were also 6 other puppies that had been found along with Bella. A few of them had been rescued already, however, they told us about prominent "runt" of the litter... He was all black with a little bit of white on his back foot. After I talked it over with my wife, we decided that we had to take him too! His name is Jager ( after Jagermeister aka master hunter in german). They are such lovable dogs and sooo outgoing and energetic. If anyone has any tips as far as training them or with obedience I would greatly appreciate it. They just get soo excited to see people they can't contain themselves haha. So far I have a chewed up new leather recliner, two chewed up end tables, and a few pairs of chewed up shoes. I take them out for looong walks and runs, and they are constantly running around play fighting allll day long. Well, just wanted to say hi to everyone and thanks for any input and taking the time to listen... Sincerely, Eric, Katie, Bella, and Jager!

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Welcome! It is great that you adopted them. It sounds like you have a handful [:D] I would recommend getting them crates to be used when you are not home or cannot watch them. It is much easier to potty train dogs and teach them not to chew if they are prevented from doing it in the first place. Taking them for long walks and lots of chew toys will help also. When you see them chewing on something they should not tell them 'NO' and give them a toy to chew on. If they show interest in the toy give them lots of praise. Hope that helps & Good Luck!
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You have some beautiful dogs. Bella & Jager's faces are so full expression! I would try the toy diversion. But for my puppy, if he's chewing on something he knows he shouldn't we just squirt his foot with a little water bottle we have. He looks at us like "thats not cool." and walks away. Haha. Otherwise we just give him pig ears (which i think is gross), and big rawhide ones that will take awhile. good luck!

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