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Add A Dog Error

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Hi there, I just wanted to give you a heads up on a little error. I just joined a few days ago, however, when I went to add one of my dogs (jager) once I had clicked the button when I was finished to submit the info, it popped up that an error had occured or something of that sort, and it showed as though everything that I had entered was lost, under my dogs it showed nothing. So I went through the whole process again and it worked the second time, and I then also added my other dog Bella and it worked then too. I guess the issue I am telling you about is, when I went to the Dog Bios, it actually showed that there are 2 Jager's, and one of them is registered to an unknown. This has obviously happened to a few other people, as it shows that Jager has other brothers and sisters registered to this unknown person. Not a biggie, just wanted to let you know. Thanks a lot for such an informative site! Fellow Dog Lover, Eric

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Hello Eric, Thanks for the heads up. I will investigate why this is happening. In the mean time I removed the phantom Jager registered to Unknown. Those other dogs you saw under Unknown are actually from people who sent information and pictures via email and didn't want to register on the site but were generous enough to let us use their dogs information and pictures. Thanks again and I hope you continue to enjoy the site. [:D]

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