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Hello, My daughter is contemplating purchasing a ChiPoo. Can I get some honest feedback about this breed. We have a 9 year old cockapoo who is good w/other dogs. I could use all the information possible. Are they easily trained, expensive to maintain?(vet) grooming? Help, should I get one??? LindaP

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Hello Linda! I actually have two Chipoos, a male and a female. They are both almost 3 years old. They have been the best dogs so far. The male was a little harder to potty train than the female but I have heard that with other dogs as well. They are very sweet, loving dogs who love to be around us and cuddle. They are very playful and easy to train. They can be picky eaters at times and have sensitive stomachs, so good quality dog food and no table scraps is recommended. We also have a larger dog (50lbs) and it costs about the same for the two of them combined as it does for him when we go to the vet. So, if they do not have any major issues the vet costs are reasonable (at least at or vet). You can check out their bios. Lacey: Logan: Hope this helps! Good Luck [:D]

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