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New Chipoo mommy!

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[:)]Hi, I am the new mommy to 3 1/2 month old Sophie. She is a delight. She and I have bonded very tightly. She hates to be away from me, so I take her to work with me several times a week. I do have two problems though; 1)She is very aggressive towards my older house dog. He is a Chihuahua/Maltese mix and very gentle. Sophie will bite at him, run at him and block him from coming inside, eating or going to bed. I have pinched her neck (our vet recommended this), I have scolded her telling her no, but nothing works. She will also growl and snap at me when I try to brush and groom her. 2) She will not potty train. I have tried paper training along with taking her out. She will pee on the paper most of the time but won't poo. We will go outside to potty and she will pee when told but almost every time, after almost an hour outside, she will come back in an poo. We are very consistant and firm with her but nothing is working. Any ideas? [?]

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I have a 3 month old male chipoo, and, a 9 yr. old cockapoo. He too, doesn't leave the older one alone. He runs up to him, jumps on him (we always have the little one on a leash to pull him away) The older one has given him many stern growls but, the little guy doesn't get it. Goes right back for more. He's had a few accidents w/pooping but, doing ok, I guess. I just hope the 2 get along eventually. We're making sure all 5 of us spend a lot of time w/the new guy so hopefully, he won't get too attached to just one of us. Good luck w/SOphie!

Take her poo (when she does go inside) and put it in the spot you want her to go outside. Then next time you take her out, set her right near the old poo so she can smell it and that usually triggers the instinct to poo nearby. My poogle is also having trouble pottytraining with the poo, but sometimes i think the urge comes so quickly, she just goes to her nearest favorits spot. Ughhh!
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Welcome! I have two 3-yr old Chipoos, one male and one female. Our male (Logan) was a little aggressive when we brought a new dog (Lance) in. He became overly protective of his toys. We have begun trying to sit down on the floor with both of them and play with them both giving Logan lots of praise when he is near Lance without showing signs of aggression. It has started to help. Dogs do have a dominance hierarchy that they have to sort out. As long as they are not hurting each other I have read it is best to let them sort it out without too much interference. As far as the potty training we also had a similar issue with Logan only he would poo on the paper but not pee. We just had to keep working with him on the peeing and make sure when gave him lots of praise when he did pee in on the pad. It is hard and frustrating but be patient and consistent and she will get it. Good Luck [:D]
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Thanks everyone. Sounds like Sophie's problems are pretty much breed specific and I will not worry as much. For the most part when she is bullying the older dog, I let him handle it but when she just won't quit, I will tell her no. She will stop for a few seconds and look at me, so I know she understands but then right back at it. When we aren't home she's real good at using her training pads, but when we are home it seems she will pee right next to us, like she doesn't want to leave our sides. Also if we are home with her she won't rest or eat if we leave the room. If we happen to walk out the room, she will watch us and if we leave the room she will run after us crying. I know she is having some problems with seperation but we both have to work. I don't bring her to work with me as much as I did at first because she just isn't happy away from home, but in the same sense, doesn't want to be away from me. I always feel so bad when I get home cause she cries and won't let me put her down.[:(] Thanks again everyone.

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