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Frontline won't work.

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Hi all. I have an issue with my 4 1/2 month old Chipoo, Sophie. Vet says her skin won't absorb Frontline. Says she only sees it once in awhile. She went to the groomer on Friday ( which was very traumatic to her and now I have to decide what to do, but that's another story :), they gave her a flea bath and I told them to go ahead and try the Frontline on her , and Sunday I found a flea. She is itching and driving herself and us crazy.[:(] Anyone have any ideas? I've heard that the sprays and powders don't really work and can be harsh to their systems.


Hi I was also concerned with all the negative information about all the flea and tick products that have been making dogs very ill, so i did some research and found somthing called JUNIPERUS VIRGINIANA. It is a redceder specie of cypress that is a natural insect repellent. It is found to be non-toxic and can be purchased as an oil, maybe this can help your baby. Let me know how it goes. Good Luck
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I give my puppy Sentinel -- it doesn't keep ticks off but does wonders for fleas. For ticks we just use a tick collar, don't know the brand name but I can look it up. Sentinel stops fleas and heartworm (as well as a bunch of other parasites) in their larvae stage, so it's really great. Doesn't lead to insecticide-resistant super-bugs, either!

Try K9 Advantix.
Worked for me :)
Frontline failed.
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Frontline is not a very good brand compared to the others. ask your vet about a pill that can be given WORKS WONDERS!!! it is possible that if your dog is itching like crazy that she could have flea dermatitis (flea allergy) you can try a shampoo called ADAMS PLUS but i do warn you it is about a 20 dollar bottle but WELL WORTH IT! i always recommend it and i have used it on several of my dogs and it kills the fleas instantly! you can also try garlic pills from your local pet store, garlic works great at warding off fleas. they also put garlic in some pet treats for that same reason. I do know that once you have fleas it can be a battle to get rid of them cuz you have to treat your yard and your carpets. fleas can live up to 6 months in your carpets. Also try putting a bit of salt into your dogs shampoo, or put some shampoo into your palm and sprinkle salt into that. GREAT at killing fleas without all the chemicals :D :D
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I have ever had fleas with my dog and I sure hope I never get them. I am going to keep the suggestion about the salt in the back of my mind just in case. I never just go out and purchase my dogs medication for anything I always go through my Vet and am very happy with the outcomes.

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