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 Location:Placerville, CA (United States)

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Name:SpackleView My Bio
Breed:PineranianView My Gallery
Age:15 years 7 months 17 days
Name:BusterView My Bio
Breed:ChiranianView My Gallery
Age:13 years 16 days
Name:SookieView My Bio
Breed:Chihuahua MixView My Gallery
Age:13 years 2 months
Name:orvileView My Bio
Breed:Labrador Retriever MixView My Gallery
Age:12 years 5 months 16 days
Name:BellaView My Bio
Breed:ChiranianView My Gallery
Age:12 years 2 months

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Name:RiverView My Bio
Breed:Doberman PinscherView My Gallery
Age:15 years 6 months 4 days

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Monday 1/9/12

Well today I have the day off and I am taking my dogs out to the river for some off leash play time! trying to get Buster acclimated to different environments cuz he is not the most confident dog (unless Spackle is there with him) so today should be a fun filled day :D I go back to work tomorrow for 5 hours so that will be good. I have been bathing dogs for awhile now and have seen some of the nastiest dogs! and by nasty i mean NASTY! we had a lady bring in her 16 year old cocker spaniel for a hair cut and you could already tell the dog was skinny and not very well groomed....but as they started to shave her we could see just HOW skinny she was. it was like seeing something on animal planet! the dog could barely stand up! we had to groom her on the ground and let her just lay down and work around her. as we were shaving her we found a wound with MAGGETS!!! it was so nasty i just about threw up! how can someone let their dog get like that! i mean there was no meat on this dogs bones! i guess they ended up putting the dog down a week later and she brought in her other cocker spaniel who was in just as bad of shape! i wish we were allowed to call animal control on some of these owners cuz it was just terrible! and we are constantly having dogs come in with nails that are completely curled around and growing into their paw pads. i mean come on now people!!!! arent you ashamed to be bringing in a dog like that! and of course we cant do anything cuz they have to take it to a vet to have the nails removed from the pads then get mad at us cuz we cant just clip them.....stop being cheap people and take care of your animals! it is just so sad!

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Posted: 1/9/2012 12:15:32 PM

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new here!

Breeding dogs is an EXPENSIVE hobby. and a LOT of time and care go into. a lot of people breed dogs thinking they are going to make tons of money off the puppies when in reality, you dont make ANY money off the pups if done PROPERLY. I hate backyard breeders that just slap any two dogs together and call it a day. dogs are not ATM machines. you need to get health testing done on ALL breeding stock to make sure they are healthy enough and you have to have xrays done so you know how many pups to expect....for in times you are supposed to have 8 pups and only 7 come out, one can be dead inside and be rotting away and will end up killing the mom. xrays are VERY important to have done.
welcome to the group none the less. hope you enjoy it.

new here! | New Members

Posted: 5/28/2012 12:43:19 AM

Not sure about the site

you have to sign in everytime to see updated posts. lately the site has had some glitches were you used to be able to see your photos right away and now it takes time....i havnt heard from the creater of the page in quite some time now regarding the problems. i dont know who is running the site but they are not doing a great job at keeping up with it. there are a few regulars here and some people will just come here to post pictures and wont even say a word. this site is pretty slow but its a good site to be at :D welcome to the group and i hope you stick around.

Not sure about the site | Q & A

Posted: 4/2/2012 5:23:33 PM

Is my puppy a Chiweenie or something else?

a lot of my friends own chiweenies and that doesnt look like one to me. they have the daschund body but with chihuahua ears that stand straight up. i dont know what is in that mix but i would not suggest spending the money on a breed DNA test because they do not work at all. a lady did a breed test on her BOB (best of breed) winning show dog and it came pack border collie and something else (the dog was an american staffordshire terrier) so dont waste your money on those things. your dog is SUUUUUPER cute and that is ALL that matters.

Is my puppy a Chiweenie or something else? | New Members

Posted: 3/24/2012 3:47:55 PM

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