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Discussions > Health > Health Concerns > Need flea help!!!!!

Need flea help!!!!!

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[:(] sorry for the typing but just had shoulder surgery and am one handed. [:0] My Sophie, 5 1/2 mo chipoo, is desperate. flea meds like frontline and such will not work on her. vet says her skin will not absorb it, says it's rare but does happen. i've tried sprays, baths-nothing works. i just ordered avon skin so soft cause i read it helps. we live in the deep woods and fleas have always been a problem but we just always use frontline. does anyone have any suggestions[?] we are willing to try anything safe.

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I have heard that cedar oil or teatree oil will work for her. Otherwise have you tried any of the combination heartworm and flea tablets you can get? Hope you find something that will work.
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dear sophies mom,, try some a little olive oil in food daily may help. At least it will make poopin easier lol but the oil is to prevent fleas from biting. My DAL has flea allergies real bad. So she ends up going to DR for cortizone. I have tried everything too. A little oil in food helps some.
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Thanks all for the great advice. I finally agreed to give her the Comfortis pill for fleas. I thought long and hard on it but she was miserable and we had tried everything else. It has worked wonders! I gave it to her on Friday and by Sat. evening, no fleas. With the pill the fleas will still get on her but die as soon as they bite. I have not seen her scratch for 4 days now! I know she feels better. Make sure you give it with food though. I couldn't get her to take it so I had to crush it and put in on a vienna sausage.
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I hope Sophie is still doing better with the fleas. Poor thing must have been miserable. I hope your shoulder is feeling better, too. Check out Edwards new pics when they get posted. His hair is getting crazy, like a Mohawk. It went from short when we got him, to long, and, now he's losing it on the sides. Can't figure out what is going on w/him. I'm hoping it gets long again...has Sophie had anything like this?
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Linda, we are doing great. Sophie was spayed last week and got her stitches out today. From digging holes in the yard and inhaling dirt through her nose and mouth she has developed an allergy or something. She had a little temp and her lymph nodes were swollen. Doc doesn't think it is anything serious but said that if she doesn't stop with the diggin she will probably have to take antibiotics every couple of months. MY PROBLEM CHILD. [^] Now about Edwards mohawk. I think he looks marvelous!!! It is actually kinda funny cause down the middle of Sophie's back the hair is black and grows so much faster than any other place on her. When I had her groomed the first time, the middle of her back was a good 2 inches longer than the rest after a couple of weeks. I just think it has something to do with the Chipoo thinking (and it's true [:D]) that they are special and need to stand out in a crowd! I love Edwards new pictures. He is so cute.

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